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Influential Marketing or influencers is a social media driven marketing wherein brands are focusing to advertise over social media with the help of most influential persons across various industries and want to utilize their reach and portfolio. Brands put forth their services and products via these famous persons popularity and their customer base. It is one of a direct marketing technique via social media and helps brands to have a quick buzz in the market.

How ADZ Junction Media Influencer marketing helps brands to maximize their results.

  • Bunch of Top Influencers.
  • Top notch Engagement rate.
  • Category specific influencers.
  • Support in creative and content for better results.

Influencers a from Bloggers, Consumers, Celebrities, Reporters, Consumers, Advocates, Fashionistas, Healthiness and many more.

Influencers from:- Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Whatsapp, Youtube, Press Release, Snapchat, TikTok, Quora

Advertiser Benefits:-

  • Verified and validated Influencers
  • Scalable Campaigns
  • Content creation and suggestions
  • Engagement enhancements
  • Reach maximisation and increase in traffic

How we do it:-

Influencer Identification  –> Ranking and Sorting of Influencers–> Marketing to Influencer Community–> Strategy through Influencers–> Marketing with Influencers

Type of Influencer with ADZ Junction: –
• We have a bunch of influencers from different sectors like: –
• Fashion & Lifestyle influencer
• Auto industry influencers
• Education & Counselling influencers
• Fashion influencers
• Food & Recipes
• Health & Beauty influencers
• Financial advisor’s influencers
• Travel & Technology influencers
• Parenting and Women influencers
• Youtubers
• Entertainment & Music industry influencers
• Regional language influencer

Do let us know your demand to boost your Social Media presence and we will help you in identifying a correct bunch of Influencers and help you in making your brands/product more popular in market. Reach ADZ Junction influencer team at

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