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Video marketing is a modern day of advertising which is one of the effective way of promotion for your products ans services which started in early 90’s and then after video advertising became one of the most important part of promotion. It first started with TV commercial to reach to a mass audiences. But with internet penetration in 20th century and the growth of digital marketing Video advertising still be a winner in promotion and now a days brands are focusing on video promotions and that too via online mediums alongwith the traditional TV ads.

Advantages of Online Video Advertising:

  • Cost effective
  • Quick and easy access to mass audiences.
  • Youtube videos has been a prominent mode of advertising
  • Video advertising

Video Advertising models:

  • Youtube
  • Social Media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo.
  • News, Entertainment portals

Advertiser benefits from Video advertising:

  • To aware customers about the product or services
  • To help user users to download something.
  • To make user to purchase from portal.
  • To tell users to contact you.
  • To share your videos with others.
  • To acquire more customer and customer enquiries

What kind of videos:

  • Product demonstration videos
  • Customer feedbacks and reviews videos
  • Product awareness videos
  • Educational and Career Counselling videos

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