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Everybody wants to on top on Search and we help clients to be on top with our experienced SEO Marketers and their rich keywords and competition analysis. SEO is all about to make your website on top of the world and that too organically with minimum cost and for longer duration.

You can make a flashy and designer website but a customer will only be able to see the content inside the portal once it is ranking on search engines results and it will be invisible till you are not optimising it.

We do in SEO typically?

Website Audit: We do a in-depth audit of website to identify what is wrong, what is missing, where we need to work, what are the key areas to focus to have a better ranking on search engine pages. We with help on manual testing and research and with the help of our extensive tools helps a client to tell the measures we need to take to optimize a website.

Competitor Research: Along with internal website audit we do a detailed research of who all are in competition with us, what strategies they are following, what keywords they are targeting, how much traffic they are currently driving and based on research we develop our strategies to beat them and to go high on search results.

Keyword Analysis: Keywords are the core of the website and you need to have relevant and appropriate keywords which will make website content more effective and SEO friendly. Our team of experienced SEO marketers will do a in-depth analysis of category of website, what product and services client is providing and according that we will identify the keywords and do the optimisations.

Meta Tag Optimization: Meta tags actually play a very important role in the SEO process. Meta tags like Website title, description and other meta tags inside the website play a vital role in overall website optimization. We help our clients to create effective meta tags, fix the broken and missing important meta tags and make a complete website for search engines.

Content Creation & Optimization:

Content is king which is globally known and we help with our experienced content writers makes a website rich with unique and quality content. Again, saying like that it doesn’t matter how good your website is look wise but if it is not having quality content, it will not appear on google and your targeted audiences will not be able to search and find you on search engines. So, with help of ADZ Junction experienced and qualified content writes we help our clients with a unique, relevant and quality content packages.

Website Responsiveness:

As per new rules from Google, a website should be responsive in each and every manner and if somebody is not good with it then google will never give that web portal any advantage in search. With our experienced web designers we create a smart website which will be responsive on all the platforms be it web or mobile or tablet. It will be looking same on all the environments.

Blog Setup and Optimization:

Blog is actually a page where you communicate and share updates about your product, services or any other type of news. On blog page itself you share your new innovations knowledge, updates and all other updates. We always prefer to have a good and decent blog page where users can stick for some time and actually stay on the website to help in increasing your website average time spent.

Submission to Search Engine Directories:

Directory submission is also an integral part of Search Engine Optimization process and helps a website to increase their reach. Directory submission helps to build website backlinks which eventually helps to rank well on the search engines. So, we suggest always have a good bank of backlinks for your web portal which all gives an extra strength to your website.

Social Media Linking and Optimization:

Social Media presence became an important function of SEO and without having a good presence on social media, we must be lacking a good ranking of search engines. Social Media linking will help to have more branding about your website, your product & services and to make them viral across social media platforms. So, do not forgot to have a good Social Media Optimization for your brand.

Reporting & Tracking:

We keep Google Analytics hand in hand while doing SEO as this helps us what is happening over our web portal. How much traffic we are getting on daily basis, from which all locations and from which all mediums. We do keep a proper tracking to make sure we will not loose any kind of traffic and their insights with the help of UTM sources.

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