Performance Marketing

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance Marketing is what everybody wants in todays world, be it any marketing either offline or online every client every brand expect performance out of it. We at ADZ Junction are a specialised performance marketing company wherein we understand client needs and help them to achieve their end goal with our result oriented strategies and expertise.

What typically performance marketing is all about?

Performance marketing is something to bring out results from the activity be in designing a creative then the performance will be like what was the reach and reaction over that particular creative. If we create any social media campaign then performance is how far we reached, how much likes or shares we got or so. Performance can be acquiring Traffic on website or increase an Alex ranking for your website or increase google play store install count for your mobile app or to generate more and more leads or enquiries for your product or to generate sales for your product. We do everything here at ADZ Junction and ultimately drive performance to our clients

Get the most customers with the highest retention value at the best ROI by partnering with ADZ Junction Media performance Network.



Capture & Convert


Performance Marketing by ADZ Junction Media

ROI comes in mind when it come to online spend and yes ADZ Junction Media stands apart when it comes to selection of effective channels, delivering the right audience to Transact and to measure ROI on your advertising spend.

We work towards delivering maximum Revenues with Lowest Cost and to drive genuine Customers leading to perform Actions (Lead Generation or App Downloads or to Buy Products from your Website/Mobile Application).

Our Performance Marketing Channels


Desktop Performance

Desktop or Web performance is something which we are doing since inception and that too for different verticals including BFSI, eCom, Travel etc and on different modules like Lead Generation, Website Rankings, Visits, Complete Conversions i.e. Sales/Bookings etc.

Our Desktop Performance Marketing Solutions

  • Sales/Bookings - Cost Per Action (CPS/CPB/CPT/CPA)
  • Lead Generation - Cost Per Action (CPL/CPR/CPQL)
  • Cost per Click Outs
  • Add to Cart
  • Surveys/Market Research
  • Product Samplings
  • And many other type of Desktop performance modules.

Mobile Performance

Mobile is king and more than 60% Worldwide users interacting via Mobile be it accessing Social Media platform or to Book a Holidays or to Transact for Fashion/Household/Electronics. Everyone finds it handy and easy.

Our Mobile Performance Marketing Solutions

  • Cost per App Install (CPI)
  • Cost per App Download (CPD)
  • Cost per Registrations (CPR)
  • Cost Per App Transactions (CPAT)
  • Cost Per App Action (CPA)
  • App Surveys
  • App Reviews
  • App Ratings Improvements
  • And many other type of Mobile performance modules.

Industries & Verticals we Work on!

Customization & Regulations

We do a lot of brainstorm when it comes to Customization and the Regulation while driving Performance Marketing and our team wokk from minor to major and micro to macro points to make sure that the efforts and strategy they working on is on the right direction to drive maximum & effective results.


  • OTP/E-mail/Captcha Verifications
  • Demographics/Contextual/Behavioral Targeting
  • Device/Browser/OS Targeting
  • Pin Code/Data Usage/Prepaid/Postpaid/Handset Targeting
  • Android/iOS/Incent/Non-Incent Targeting


  • IP Check/Filtration
  • Frequency/Budget Capping
  • Page Views/Bounce Rate/Click Outs
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Duplicate/Bulk-Buying/Cancellation Management

What We Do For Brand Partners

Improve your Brand Awareness & Quickly Builds Trust and get flying business results with ADZ Junction Media.

Targeting Proficency

Inventory Capabilities

Why ADZ Junction is Top choice among Affiliate Networks?


Extensive Offers List

More than 500 offer to choose from different modes i.e. Mobile, Web, Videos and that to from CPC, CPM, CPI, CPA and VAS for more than 150 GEO’s



We work closely with our affiliates and provide them best services and support 24×7 to help them optimise their results and to earn more commissions


Variety In Campaigns

We provide a wide choice to our affiliate partners to choose from Web and Mobile advertising i.e. Email promotional campaigns, Display Ads, Pop Ads, CPM etc


Multiple Payment Options

Offering Daily/Weekly/Monthly payment and support most of the currencies and with easy payment transfer modes.



We bang on our services and we are 100% committed to make it happen. This can be anything be it providing our publisher assistance or to help our advertisers in making strategies to help them grow or to any extent. We are there to help everybody to grow well.


Loyalty/Bonus Programs

We at ADZ Junction and AJ Mobile offers attractive rewards and bonus with exciting incentives for our publisher partners. This includes a referral bonus of 5% to your referred fellow publishers + Monthly & Quarterly Bonuses and many more.



We bang on our services and we are 100% committed to make it happen. This can be anything be it providing our publisher assistance or to help our advertisers in making strategies to help them grow or to any extent. We are there to help everybody to grow well.


Global Reach

Although we founded in India, grown up in India but that doesn’t limit us to grow globally. We are now a global Indian Affiliate Networks working with International Advertisers & Publshers both and continuously growing gradually.

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