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Native advertising is a form of online advertisings which is purely a content driven marketing which actually matches the content of the product or services from advertiser. Native ads behave like a natural content which a user is reading on a website and functional like natural content but it is a paid format of online advertising. The major portals where a user found Native ads are over social media platforms and like display ads or banners ads, these native ads will be acting as an editorial content on the portals and seems to be a part of the page and will go with the flow of the content and topic.

Different Type of Native advertisement:-

  • In-feed Native Ads – It is basically which you see in your social media news feed content like over Facebook & Twitter.
  • Search & Paid Native Ads – This is usually when you search something over Search engines like on Google paid listenings over top or on the right sides of organic search results.
  • Content Recommended Native Ads – This is when you are reading an article on content, news or entertainment portals and then suggestion and recommendation below to the article and they are usually sponsored ads by Native advertisement platforms like Taboola, Outbrain etc.

Why opt for Native Advertising?

  • More visibility – Just because of this natural content feels, it observed that more than 30% from normal users interacts with Native ads.
  • More Viewership – Study shows that users on a website spend more time viewing native ads rather than the normal website content.
  • Maximize Mobile Reach & branding – Native ads are most effective on Mobile platforms with a great and easy placement features to gain maximum attractions.
  • More Traction – Native ads are usually more interactive and converting as compare to normal banner ads and resulting in more customer acquisition and ROI driven.

We have different type of Native advertising formats like:-

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Music and other formats of media

With Native Advertising, you can actually: –

  • Promote your brand, create and build brand awareness, educate your audiences.
  • Can drive more conversions from increment in website visits to app downloads to lead generations and to further to purchases.
  • Can grow your audiences and can improve the monetisation of your website or mobile app. Reach our Media buying and planning team to have more insights on Native Advertising and discuss it – We will try to get back to you ASAP.

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