About Us !

Adz Junction - One Stop Solution for all your Advertising Worries!!!

With online advertising is becoming more & more complex, everyone is looking for a reliable and trustworthy network that can take care of all the advertising worries. So, here is the AdzJunction that has one of the best Indian performance ad network and affiliate network in India. If terms like CPS, CPA, CPL, CPI, CPM, CPV and CPC confuse you, all you have to do is contact us and we will provide with the very best Indian global ad network. In fact with the help of our proprietary back end optimization system we always deliver what our clients expects from us!.

This exclusive and reliable network in India specializes in Direct Response and Branding sensitive campaigns. Interestingly, we accept as well as deliver media on a CPM, CPV and CPC basis and are presently representing over 3,000 partner websites under AdzJunction.

It is really easy to work with us as we accept all IAB standard creative sizes in addition to expandable banners, pre-roll video and rich media.

We would suggest that try target one of our 32 Verticals utilising all standard IAB ad unit sizes and experience our services.

Who We Are?

Everyone dreams big but we work harder and smartly to achieve dreams and we provide ample opportunities to fulfil one’s career goals and dreams. Adz Junction gives you a perfect place to learn, enhance skills and grow more.

What We Do?

We have world class traffic available for all GEO's, all verticals on web & mobile traffic. We have several different Product Offerings within our ad network to target your desired audience. AdzJunction a full service online ad network working with a number of advertising agencies and brands around the world. We operate:-Traditional, Contextual, , Mobile Advertising, and Pay Per Call Networks (more information below).
* Email Marketing
* Mobile Advertising
* Pey Per Call

How We Do It?

We at AdzJunction having dedicated affiliate marketing experts with us who make sure that we provide best advice for onboard brands to help getting desired results.

We choose from our Display, Email, Search, Social, Mobile inventories from our local and global affiliates. We analyse traffic, plan campaigns & execute and then keep optimising to meet end goal and results.

With our robust tracking technology we do keep a close watch on what is performing and what’s not and keep shuffling the best converting traffic for more success.

Why AdzJunction?

AdzJunction believe in quality and we work hard to achieve this. Have a look at our key features and services which will give you more confidence to work with:
* Global Reach - Expose to millions of web & mobile audience from more than 100 GEO’s.
* Variety of Ads - Popup, Popunders, Display, Email, Native, Videos.
* Targeting - Advance targeting for Gender, Behaviour, Geo, OS, Carrier, Web & Mobile.
* Quality - We focus on high quality alongwith quantity.
* Performance Marketing - Pay for desired performance only
* Right Place - Right place for advertisers to strategies their campaigns and ideal place for publishers to find right ads for their websites.

* Easiness - AdzJunction is FREE to join and easy to access.

So, what are you waiting for, be hurry, talk to our experts and Join AdzJunction and will help in meeting your expectations!

Our Mission

Being in Digital Industry we want to change the way that mobile marketing is shaping up and we act as digital marketing expert for agencies, merchants & affiliates to create a 360 degree marketing solution through our performance driven platform.

* Aim for Advertisers - With our digital marketing experts we ensure that our merchant partners get the best results in terms of maximum results with minimum cost to drive quality traffic, contactable customers, online conversions and to a better lifetime value for mobile users.

* Mission for Publishers - Publishers are actually God in digital industry as they actually help us and our partners to fulfil their results. We make sure that our publisher partners gets right ads and the best outcome of their promotions for every single click they drive to advertisers.

So, what are you waiting for, be hurry, talk to our experts and Join AdzJunction and will help in meeting your expectations!

AdzJunction Features

* Everyone- We work with all verticals and do business in every size. All features you could wanted without extra spend.
* Conversion Tracking- Track every single click and view conversions, sale amount, transaction id, date and many more.
* Revenue Tracking- Check revenues getting for all the media spends on daily basis.
* Transparency- Track every penny spent, track every conversion got and detailed invoicing to your inbox.
* Multiple Websites- Manage as much as campaigns for as much as sites without extra money.
* Mobile Parameters- We have detailed mobile reports with multiple parameters like Device Type, Device ID, Android ID, IP Addresses, Browsers, Click References and many more features.
* Referrals- Exciting referrals, rewards & bonus schemes and programs on regular basis.

AdzJunction Media

Fastest Growing and On time payment driven network offering highly Top Converting Offers, Global Reach, Robust (Custom Tracking) Technology, Right Audiences for Web & Mobile Traffic.
We can guarantee the best results as we have the ability to target very effectively and have the best paying Internet & mobile ad network in India for geo-target, demo-target, psycho-target, age-target, vertical target, gender target, DMA target, ZIP code target, behavioural target, pixel track optimize, & run remarketing/retargeting campaigns.

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